Introducing IQ Pong - smart table tennis robot

IQ Pong is an attempt to create a smart table tennis robot that responds to your voice commands during play to create the desired drill dynamically.

IQ Pong Version 3

IQ Pong Version 4

IQ Pong Version 5

IQ Pong Features


Uses 2 motors for ball spin and ball speed

Uses 3 servo motors for ball spin direction, robot pitch and oscillation

Controller with Bluetooth for communication with tablet or phone

Ball feeder

Ball feeder mechanism is salvaged from RoboPong 1040.

It was outfitted with 1-1/2" PVC pipe addapter for connecting to the robot.


Stand alone ball catching net for continuous play.

1-1/2" PVC pipe adapters.

Different adapters are used to be able to connect the robot (located inside catch net or outside mounted on a caddy) to ball feeder located bellow the ball catching net


Web based UI that uses Text2Speech, Speech2Text and BlueTooth

Commands could be dynamically adapted to current speaker and stored by his user name

Custom Series, Drills or Single Ball modes